Bioinformatics Core Facility (BCF)

Data Backup Support Services:

The BCF has backup arrays on high-speed networks that are capable of transferring data at rates close to 40 MB/sec through the network, suitable for nightly backups. The backups are synchronized between one array located on the Main Campus and one at Allied Health on the North Campus. By mirroring your data at two locations we try to guard against catastrophic data loss due to fire or flood at one of the locations. Data are synchronized with a 1 day offset schedule, which allows you to recover accidentally deleted files as long as the loss is discovered within 24 hours.

We can backup virtually any network-connected computer on a daily schedule as long as the computer is connected to the campus network. In addition, we can provide incremental backups for databases, websites and data repositories that are hosted on our servers, or remotely mounted servers. If you have very large data storage needs we can assist with the installation of extra capacity and network attached storage devices and host them in our server room located on the 4th floor of the Medical School.

In addition to local storage we can assist with access to the remote storage array offered by UT systems (Corral, at the Texas Advanced Computing Center at UT Austin).

Please contact Borries Demeler for assistance with any of your backup requirements to discuss an optimal backup solution for your needs.